Namecheap hosting alternatives

Can anybody recommend a web hosting company that supports certbot? I have failed in multiple attempts in getting certbot to work with namecheap (although I can manually install certificates).

Basically I require a hosting service that runs on Linux and offers SSH, apache2, php7, mySQL and cPanel. (I write webpages locally on a linux ubuntu computer and upload via SSH). Wordpress support is not necessary (I don’t even know what wordpress is).

I would prefer a company without any trackers on their homepage (such as google analytics and googletagmanager) although so far I have failed to find that mythical being, so I may have to forego that requirement…

My budget is not very high. The best possible alternatives I have found so far include and webdock sounds ok, but I am not really qualified to administer my own linux server. My biggest concern is jumping from the frying pan into the fire.


If you want to run cPanel, you shouldn’t use certbot because it will mess up your apache file.

There are build-in plugins such as autossl or fleetssl for cPanel inside cPanel hosting, and it’s up to the provider to enable it
If those plugins aren’t available, you could still use, which would use cPanel API to install certificates.

Thank you

Hi stevenzhu,
thanks for replying, I am trying to install and got stumped. The instruction is too vague for a noob such as myself, specifically this section:

from How to issue a cert · acmesh-official/ Wiki · GitHub

After the cert is generated, you probably want to install/copy the cert to your Apache/Nginx or other servers. You MUST use this command to copy the certs to the target files, DO NOT use the certs files in ~/ folder, they are for internal use only, the folder structure may change in the future.

their example command is: --install-cert -d
--cert-file /path/to/certfile/in/apache/cert.pem
--key-file /path/to/keyfile/in/apache/key.pem
--fullchain-file /path/to/fullchain/certfile/apache/fullchain.pem
--reloadcmd "service apache2 force-reload"

OK... so.... path to certfile in apache??!? I don't know these paths...
Where are these paths, and how does one figure that out? I tried the command

find / -iname "*.pem"

and got zero results.

It is frustrating (and why I am looking for a different web hosting service). I think this is the forth different method tried to get certbot on namecheap working.

If you want to use letsencrypt with a cPanel server (that does not have build-in plugins for certificates) is going to be the same frustration.

However.... You've followed the wrong guide in this case. You should use Simple guide to add TLS cert to cpanel · acmesh-official/ Wiki · GitHub instead of others.

If you still want to move to a new provider, please consider the providers on the below list, since they provide letsencrypt certificate in an automated fashion.

Thank you

I allowed my own thread to stray off-topic. I don’t want to patch namecheap’s problems, I want to find a namecheap alternative.

I have been searching through the lists, I was asking if anyone who uses a hosting service (and therefore is familiar with it) has a recommendation.

Right now I am checking out and The former looks very promising as they have a very good privacy policy and they are the first I have seen without any trackers.

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