SSL website installation

Hello i need help
I just generate certificate on my wordpress site and now they tell me to configurate the apache server, but the problem is my hosting dosen´t let me do that only use the htacces file. So i need to know how to set up the htacces file please.

Thanks a lot

Waiting for your answer


Hi @pres2016,

There is no way to configure a certificate in the .htaccess file. The .htaccess file is not “powerful” enough to make this significant configuration change to the web server. In this case, the hosting provider will need to assist you in installing the certificate or else give you additional permissions or interfaces that can accomplish this configuration change.

And if the hosting provider is unable or unwilling to help you with installing the certificate, you could always change hosting provider. See “Web hosting who support Let’s Encrypt” for a large list of hosting providers and if they support Let’s Encrypt certificates or not.

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