Host offers SSH but won't accept external SSL certs. CANDO?

My hosting company will allow me SSH access on request but does not permit import/export of SSL certs from external sources. Does this mean that I cannot have SSL website security (https) through Certbot unless I change host? (New to this)

In short, yes you are correct.

You can obtain a certificate, but if your host won’t allow you to upload / install it then it’s not much use, so you would need to change hosts to one which does allow you to upload / install it.

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Thank you for clarifying. Is this a common problem?
The current hosting is cheap but their own SSL option isn’t, so I now need to look for a more amenable host.

Yes, it’s relatively common. Hosts have historically made money by selling additional services such as SSL certificates. Many will charge you per time for adding a certificate ( which every few months, starts to add up). some will insist that you need to “upgrade” or “get a dedicated IP address” in order to be able to add your own SSL certificates.

On the other hand, there are plenty out there who will either let you upload / install your own certificate, or even better actively support Let’s Encrypt and make it automatic for you. Have a look at Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt for a list of some hosts who do this - you might find something that fits your requirements there.

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