Add ssl to my domain

please I need your help
I have this domain with free hosting
and I want get free ssl please maybe with txt dns

Have you read any documentation? Which steps are you confused about?

I have a free hosting so I can’t use ssh

Will your host let you use SSL at all? Will they let you upload your own certificates? Because if not, there isn’t going to be anything Let’s Encrypt can do for you.

I’ve SSL but how can I upload my certificate

Hi @lamrigel,

Every host is different. No one here can help you unless you can explain what your host’s environment is like. There’s no single way to do this that is the same across all hosts.

If your host will let you use SSL at all (which you haven’t yet answered), they should also be able to tell you what to do with your certificate. Of course, you need to have a certificate in order to upload it; it isn’t clear whether you have one yet (but it looks like you do, and it was issued on Saturday:

Where free hosting you are using ?

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