How to obtain SSL certificate

hey guys!

I know that I should have filled out the form but I used the following site:
Is that site related to this forum because I seem to be getting some domain issues…

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Hi @piano0011, welcome to the community forum.

That site isn't an official Let's Encrypt site, but it is related in that it issues Let's Encrypt certificates.

You're most welcome to describe the issues you're having and we'll do our best to help :slight_smile: As you noted, filling out the initial form is the best way to make that happen.

thanks but I think the problem could be my webhost as it doesn’t allow free ssl. I was just hoping that there is another way around this for free…

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That's frustrating! I'm sorry :frowning:

You might find this thread about Webhosting with Let's Encrypt support helpful: Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

Perhaps one of these hosts would be a better fit for what you're looking for.


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