Any personal recommendations for a US-based shared web hosting that supports Let's Encrypt?



I’m currently hosting my web site with the namecheap shared web hosting service. It’s a small site where I list my own software that I made available for downloads. The site requires the following:

  • Linux-type OS
  • PHP for server-side scripts
  • MySQL database support (x2)
  • Email inbox for about 10 accounts.

So far I have no complains about namecheap, except that they are total buttheads about supporting Let’s Encrypt. But I want to enable https for my site, so I need to move on.

Can anyone recommend any shared web hosting company that supports https protocol via Let’s encrypt, preferably if you have a personal experience with them?

My price range is anything $15/mo or less. I would prefer a company located and run from the U.S.

PS. I saw the list of supported web hosts. But it’s overwhelming to check all of them. That is why I’m asking for your personal experiences.


That list you found is created for these purposes. It’s equally as valid as anyone’s individual recommendation, I’d just look at a few and see what meets your needs.


It’s not currently categorized by country… I wonder if there would be a way to add a little more information about hosts without having the list degenerate into an advertising contest. (Presumably having someone other than the hosts themselves write the descriptions, and categorizing them by predetermined categories, would help quite a bit.)


What about setting up a small wiki with some of the more popular answers for some things and a list of shared hosts sorted or sortable by country? I wouldn’t mind helping out on that.


Yes! Any user input would be immensely more helpful than what that list is now. Because what else do we have with the current list? Basically links to ads where all those web hosting companies tell us “how great they are.”

Ideally (and I’m not sure what platform would support this) it would be nice to have columns with features of those web hosts. For instance: Country that servers are located in, support for PHP, MySQL, Linux, Windows, disk size, bandwidth limitations (actual vs. advertised), etc.

Then the most useful IMO would be user rating. Just basic up and down arrows and then the overall ups and downs tabulated. This way it would be pretty easy to weed out sh*tty hosts.

Lastly, it would help if there was a comment section per host where registered users can write a short review of the host. (This way it will hopefully prevent “self patting on the back” done by many hosts in the comment section.)


That level of information is likely way beyond what Let’s Encrypt / ISRG could handle. I think basic information would work okay, but feature list, reviews, and other information like that is best left for other sites focused on that kind of stuff like


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