Unsubscribing from expiration notices from old certificates no longer in use

I have lots of old certificates on the system that are no longer in use, from when I was setting up some servers. I’m receiving certificate expiration notice emails every few days. I see there is a link in the emails to ‘stop receiving emails from this address’ but it’s not obvious if it will stop all email notices including for the certificates that are valid and in use.

Is there a way to view the list of certs and remove just the ones that are no longer in use?

Unsubscribing will unsubscribe your email address from all certificates, past and future. There is no mechanism to pick and choose at this time. (There isn’t a mechanism to resubscribe an address, either.)

It will stop sending emails once a certificate actually expires, so you won’t be plagued forever. But for now, you just have to ignore the emails.


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Thanks @mnordhoff, well that’s good to hear, I hope I didn’t create too many test certificates!

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