Is unsubscribe whole email address or only for one certificate


I created a certificate and later I created a new one (with other alternative names). Today I got an email from that my certificate is about to expire, but I guess it’s about the old one, because the new is being renewed - I see running cron tasks in /var/log/letsencrypt and command “certbot certificates” shows that the cerificate is “(VALID: 86 days)”

So I wanted no longer to be notified about the old one. How should I do that?

I clicked the link from the expire notification email "If you are receiving this email in error, unsubscribe at… "

But after opening the link the message was “Your email address,…, has been removed from our mailing list. …” But I need to receive emails from any other certs that I may have under this email !!!

My domain is: and probably other certs are registered under the same email address (frankly I don’t remember)

So the questions is: did clicking the link remove me from receiving updates on all certificates on this email address, or only the old cert ? If all certs under this email, then how can I restore them and how can I achieve not being spammed about an old cert?

Thanks a lot!


Unsubscribing fully unsubscribes the email address from any email. shows you how to re-subscribe (by updating your registration with a new email address).

If you find the email functionality too inflexible, you can use something like or even a free Uptime Robot account, which will email you if your certificates begin approaching expiration. The benefit of this approach is that you’ll only receive emails about certificates that are actually in use.


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