How to re-subscribe after unsubscribing from expiration emails


I just started using letsencrypt on Ubuntu 16.04. Recently I started to receive emails from letsencrypt notifying me that my certificate is about to expire from it’s 90-day limited run. I have everything setup to automatically renew it. However, I accidentally clicked the “unsubscribe” link in the email and I guess now I won’t be getting those helpful emails. I would like to re-subscribe but since I didn’t use certbot for install, the method outlined on the website will not work for me.

Does anyone know how I can re-subscribe to the expiration notice emails?


There’s currently no way to resubscribe other than changing your email address. If your client doesn’t support a way to update your existing registration (account), your best bet would probably to essentially start from scratch and create a new registration (using a new email).

If you need more specific instructions for that, odds are someone here has used the client you’re using before, so you could probably get some pointers if you provide the client name (and any other relevant details).

gives basic info as to how to resubscribe

pfg - thank you, I was afraid that I would have to regenerate the entire thing.

serverco - yes I found that but as I am not using certbot, I cannot use that method.

“certbot” is simply the new name for the official “letsencrypt” client. ( I may have completely miss-understood though when you said “I just started using letsencrypt on Ubuntu 16.04” that you were using the letsencrypt client" :wink: )

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