Resubscribe to expiration emails


hello! i have many hosts (~100) with letsencrypt certificates. by mistake i click unsubsribe in expiration email

yes, i read

my questions:

  1. lets say i click unsubsribe for domain how i understand i didnt get else ANY emails for my email for expiry bot?
  2. is there are still only one chance to re-subsribe: change email to +1?



Hi @lith,

The unsubscribe is for all messages from the expiry bot, for all certificates. It isn’t possible to unsubscribe for just one certificate’s expiry warnings.

Yes, unfortunately changing your ACME account email is still the only way to resubscribe.

Hope that helps! I know this isn’t the most convenient experience.


@cpu thanks for answer! this is very bad. because so many hosts and its so easy on someone forgot resubsribe! anyway thanks for answer!


I would definitely recommend that you monitor your own certificates for expiry in addition to relying on the expiration warning emails from Let’s Encrypt.

Of course ! :slight_smile:


There was a suggestion to change the e-mail template to include a warning about this, right?


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