Renew automatic emails

I’m making this topic because i accidentally unsubscribed from the letsencrypt email list, which means i’m no longer receiving alerts about the expiration date of my certificates or other kinds of communication.
How do i revert this?

Not sure if you can revert or reuse an email address that has been unsubscribed.
Maybe someone else can confirm or assist with re-subscribing your email address.
So until then, you may be able to force a renewal with a new email address and receive notifications there.

There’s currently no way to resubscribe an email address. :slightly_frowning_face:

If your email provider supports aliases – such as and – using one of them would work.

To change your email address, you have to use your ACME client. For example, if you use Certbot, you can do “certbot register --update-registration --email”. But some clients don’t implement it.

Email addresses are associated with accounts, so if you have multiple accounts – like on different computers, or with different ACME clients – you would have to do it once with each account.

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