Resubscribe to expiry emails

I accidentally pressed the unsubscribe link in the “Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain …” emails. I was told on IRC that there was no UI for resubscription and that I should post here to garner the attention of some administrator.

My email adress is

Well… You can change to a different email address. Luckily, Gmail makes that easy. You could use or similar. Equivalent to Gmail, different to Let’s Encrypt.

How to do that depends on your Let’s Encrypt client. With Certbot, it should be:

certbot register --update-registration -m

(I think.)

You’d have to update each of your accounts, which often means running the same command on each computer you have a Let’s Encrypt client installed on. And a different command for every client you use.

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If you have your Let’s Encrypt account key and don’t want to install anything, you can give it go with ZeroSSL Windows client, running it as follows:

le64 --key account.key --update-contacts ","

If you are using a 32-bit client (for example on Win XP), then it would be “le32” instead of “le64”. You don’t have to use more than one email of course, the example just outlines that you could if you wanted (say to have a personal email and then another for some monitoring system/queue).

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