Accidentally clicked the unsubscribe link

I accidentally clicked the unsubscribe link in an email that was notifying me about an upcoming expiration of a certificate. There was no confirmation that I really wanted to unsubscribe (and there really should be a confirmation check) and no link provided to resubscribe. How do I subscribe to the email notification again, or will it automatically do that when I update my certificate again?

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Hi, @lightmaster,

Your best bet is to change the e-mail address associated with your Let's Encrypt registration:


Instructions there use certbot. I am using a Synology DS920+ which does not use certbot, nor can I find certbot from the command line. I have tried requesting a new certificate with a new email through Synology's settings interface, however that fails, presumably because the domains I'm requesting for are already tied to a different email. Not really sure how to proceed from here.

I did locate Synology's command line utility for LetsEncrypt: "syno-letsencrypt", however that does not have any arguments for updating the account email.

root@DS920 [09:32:30 AM] [~] 
-> # syno-letsencrypt --version
Copyright (c) 2003-2020 Synology Inc. All rights reserved.

syno-letsencrypt <command> [<args>]
      -d [domains]   Domain name to be registed. (required)
      -m [mail]      Email address for contact. (required)
      -s [server]    Lets encrypt directory URL. (optional)
      -c [certid]    Certificat Id. (optional)
      -p [version]   ACME version, should use with -s (optional)


     -c [cert-path]  revoke a certificat. (required)

For all command, you can add the following arguments for debug.
      -v             Show debug message.
      -vv            Show more debug message.
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Although that does show very few command line options, I must think that is has to follow certain guidelines. One of which is reusing the account information, which I can only assume it created when it found there was none.

If you can find where it holds the current account information, you could delete that and force it to create a new LE account and would then allow you to add the new email address to it.
[this is purely a guess - but it is based on some fundamental logic]

Naturally as with all undocumented actions, I would recommend that you first make a backup the folder in question [just to be sure you can, at least, return to this point should that make things any worse].


So, the only problem here was of my own making. I had forgotten that one of the domains on my cert is used for a private IP, so when it needs to be renewed I have to temporarily set it to my public IP, renew, then set it back to my private IP. Once it was set to my public IP, the Synology settings app was able to create the new cert under my new email ( without any problem.

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