Unsubscribe link in expiration email


In the email that the Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot sends there is a link to unsubscribe.

The paragraph is misleading, it should be

If you want to stop receiving all email to this address, click


If you want to stop receiving all email from this address, click

Unsubscribing from this address refers to the domain address — ex. “www.example.com” — not the email address you are receiving the notification in proper english.

If you receive multiple emails for different certificate you would think you are unsubscribing for a specific domain but in effect you are unsubscribing from all the notices you are receiving at that email address.



I think the language for that message is correct.
Since when you click on the link, it actually going to unsubscribe you from the list that will receive emails from "expiry@letsencrypt.org". It will not remove you from all mailing lists letsencrypt has.

Thank you


The from address of the email is expiry+noreply@letsencrypt.org regarding the domain www.example.com and the to address of the email is vdellaporta@example.com

I’m unsubscribing to the to address not from the from address of the email.

It would be also extremely helpful if you specify exactly which address I’m unsubscribing to, something like

If you want to stop receiving all email to the address vdellaporta@example.com, click


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