This site supplied invalid Certificate Transparency information

The SSL Cert is setup on both these domains using

sudo certbot --apache

but when Looking at the URL it should look green, but it is not

For it says:

This site supplied invalid Certificate Transparency information.

Can you help on this.

On the off chance that this isn’t spam, you can fix your green padlock issue by addressing the mixed content problem on your site.

There’s nothing wrong with the certificate’s CT info.

You may have this error on an old chrome version. What version of chrome do you have?

(Another thread with the same problem: LetsEncrypt - Missing Certificate Transparent Logs? | DirectAdmin Forums )

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Hi @ramanadan36

where do you see this error? Please share a screenshot. I can't find that. Letsencrypt supports Certificate Transparency Logs, Crt has the precertificate.

I can't find your certificate in the Google log.;include_subdomains:false;

Normally, a new certificate needs ~~15 minutes.

I think it's now there:

And there the CT information:

The important part is

This request complies with Chrome's Certificate Transparency policy.

Yep, now it is.

(20 character)

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What domains? You only cited (And the certificate of that domain only contains one name)

I am using Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit), is this the problem with Chrome ?

I'm pretty sure it is. That version is more than 2 and a half years old! It's probably very unsafe to use too.

That version of Chrome was released the 2016-03-02.
Chrome certificate transparency require Two logs. Your certificate has been published on The icarus google log and on the sabre Comodo log.

The the sabre Comodo log has been inclused in Chrome after Mars 2017:

So your version of Chrome doesn't know it. So the two log requirement isn't met.

You should update your browser. It's really dangerous to browse the web with an outdated browser.

I guess you are stuck on windows XP?

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Its only one domain. Thanks guys !

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