Padlock not green

My website is forcing ssl and the padlock is green for 2 seconds and then turns gray. No http in the source and everything should be ok. So I was wondering if letsencrypt ssl has some technical features that needs to be enabled when the cert is issued which would then restricts a green padlock from showing? I also read somewhere that google would be rolling out the gray padlock instead of a green. But unsure if this is the case.

Hi @pukander

what's your domain name? Sounds like a mixed content warning.

Do you get the same effect from different browsers?
Have you checked you site at:

Hi! Thanks for a quick reply. The address is

I can’t see any mixed content. Perhaps you have more experience and can detect it :slight_smile:

I’ve used several tools to check for mixed content and also basic checks with chrome dev tools and looking at the source for http. + other miscellaneous things.

I also went as far as to convert interlinking URLs in my database to https and also manually modified some of the Wordpress plugins using =“http”

It may be as simple as: DV certs don’t light up in green on address bar.

There is no mixed content warning. Chrome:


Chrome has removed the "green lock".

Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is one of the tools that I have used to check the site and get a green check on all steps. Result:

SSL Certificate Info
Certificate Issuer: Let’s Encrypt
Certificate Type: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
Issued On: 2018-11-23

Your webserver is forcing the use of SSL.

Valid Certificate
Your SSL Certificate is installed correctly.

Domain Matching
Your SSL certificate matches your domain name!

Protected Domains:

Your SSL certificate is using a sha256 signature!

Expiration Date
Your SSL certificate is current. Your SSL certificate expires in 55 days. (2019-02-21)

Mixed Content - Pass
You have no mixed content.

So basically applying old standards my site should have a green padlock but, it's just as I thought that big G has removed this from newer chrome versions starting from Sept 2018. Why do I see a green padlock on some sites when browsing with my Chrome browser :slight_smile: maybe just a coincidence?

There are other types of certificate validations.
Some will still show as green:

Yeah! This is what I'm leaning towards. But have not found any hard proof.

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