Grey icon, not green. Why


we made the transition to SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. But still the icon near the website’s address remained gray, and did not turn green. What could be the problem? site
Please, help!


You can find out with the tool:

See the mixed content section on the bottom of that page.


One thing is your logo is not delivered over HTTPS
a lot of your links are HTTP too, you need to fix your code everything needs to be HTTPS


Hi @tatti
Your website is having issue with mixed content.
Mixed content is that your site is having mixed protocol for example all the content on your site are https and you upload content that doesn’t support https such as images.
You may want to find the HTTP content and rewrite it to https so your mixed content problem will be gone but if you can’t stand finding HTTP content on your site for long, you can use cloudflare’s automatic https rewrite feature, this will help you with your mixed content problem with just a simple click! :slight_smile:
*Remember not all HTTP content can be rewritten to https and you will be stuck with your mixed content problem, even cloudflare can’t rewrite all HTTP to https.
The only last choice you have is to reset your website and the mixed content is gone! But you will have to build your website again :confused:


The simplest method to find out why you are not getting a green padlock

Open your page in a browser, right click select “view source code”,

use the find command ctrl-f
type in ='http

scroll down to find highlighted items YOU HAVE MANY

NEXT, you will need to use find again type ="http

scroll down find highlighted items look for ones with only "http YOU HAVE MANY OF THESE

I suspect you created the website before adding SSL certificate

Check you use Force SSL in certificate settings

You may want to search the internet for a plugin or script compatible with your web design software to automatically change all your links, another method is to manually go back redo links in the web design software


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