Certificate is not valid on all internal pages

Greetings, I comment, I have created a certificate for a site with a moodle installation, all the pages show a valid certificate, but when I see any course, the certificate is no longer valid, it only passes me this moodle site, I have other sites and no that happens

Hi, welcome!

Could you please post some screenshots showing:

  1. When there’s a valid certificate, and
  2. When there’s an invalid certificate

Unfortunately with the information you’ve posted far, there is very little to go on.


Hi, thanks for your comment, this is the image, the problem is only shown when I see a course,

This generally means you have mixed content (i.e. a HTTP linked assets is loaded into HTTPS mode).
Since you didn’t provide your domain name, you need to copy one of the link that doesn’t give you a padlock and paste it to https://www.whynopadlock.com/. This is a service that will load your page and check the non-secure elements.
After that, you’ll need to identify and apply the fix yourself.


Hi, according to whynopadlock I don’t have mixed content, but SSl certificate test failed

If you don’t provide your domain name and the link you saw the message, I’m afraid that’s as far as i can help you.

Thanks I already found the error, a teacher has inserted images from another http domain, when deleting that image the certificate is safe again


That has absolutely nothing to do with the certificate. It’s just the way browsers do or don’t show the green padlock.

you’re right, I thought for a moment it was something about the certificate, I didn’t see it right.sorry

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