Smileys in black & white?

Like I mentioned here the Smileys are now black and white. At least :smile: looks like this: :smile:

Note that it’s coloured in the preview.


Testing a few others: :stuck_out_tongue: :cold_sweat: :+1: :evergreen_tree:

These tests work… :slight_smile: (<-- that :) does not work too BTW.)

:grinning: :grin: :joy: :smiley: :smile: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :innocent: :smiling_imp: :imp: :wink: :blush: :relaxed: :yum: :relieved: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :smirk: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :unamused: :sweat: :pensive: :confused: :confounded: :kissing: :kissing_heart: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :disappointed: :worried: :angry: :rage: :cry: :persevere: :triumph: :disappointed_relieved: :frowning: :anguished: :fearful: :weary: :sleepy: :tired_face: :grimacing: :sob: :open_mouth: :hushed: :cold_sweat: :scream: :astonished: :flushed: :sleeping: :dizzy_face: :no_mouth: :mask:

It’s also interesting that the “correct” smiley shows up onme second after you publish or edit your post, but it’s replaced by the colourless one…

After a bit of investigation, it appears to be a bug in Discourse. I’ve brought it up with the team.

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Testing :smile: out :smile: :smile: :smile:

Nice name. Sound evil… and fishy… :wink:

But seriously how was you able to edit my first post? (click on the orange pen to see it)

Another live test:

:smile: :smile:
:) :slight_smile:

What’s in the preview:

Say cheese :smiley:

Looks like the issue has been raised to the devs. Probably time to close this thread.

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And here’s the url:

Try testing it out at other businessy sites?

I’m one of the co-founders of Discourse and we host this site so I have admin access :smile:


good to know :grinning:

Indeed very good to know. :laughing:
Especially as there is nothing in/aside your avatar/profile indicating that you have admin access.

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It’s going to be stranger: :wink: (:wink)
Rectangle… ough… no. :frowning:

This time it’s


That’s also the case for all Regulars who didn’t set their role as title. Nobody really knows why somebody can edit topic titles then.

Well… yes. This can be confusing.

Edit: Can this be reopend? Because the topics created at the time the error happens still show the old smiley…
Like this one: IP ratelimit and privatekey problem in beta

Ok, this is now fixed :wink: Thanks for reporting that issue @rugk


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