Problem editing already posted topic

@jsha I just wanted to update it but I cannot edit it any more :frowning: I want my edit rights for my post back :wink:

Update: @jsha: Editing here is no problem.

Why can’t you edit it???

I was also puzzled. Maybe because it was pinned by a moderator...

That’s weird @mrtux, I’m not sure why you would be unable to edit the post. I tried “Set ownership” to you - try again?

@riking, any idea why someone might be unable to edit their own post?

Might be that old posts are locked to prevent what happens in other forums: Users getting angry just delete all their posts leaving whole topics in a situation where they don’t make any sense anymore.

Should probably be different for start posts, but for other posts, it can make sense.

Editing the topic post here is possible, however, the other post, still not possible.

I’ve tried unpinning the other post. Can you edit it now?

Nope, still not editable :frowning:

Alright, thanks for trying. I’ll wait for @riking to chime in - he knows Discourse better than I do. In the meantime I’ll go ahead and make that edit myself.

Yep, it was too old so edits get locked. I set the post to be a wiki, editable by anyone (tl≥1).

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