Turn on "Allow duplicate topic titles"

Can you all turn on the Allow duplicate topic titles option? It’s hard for some of our users to come up with highly descriptive titles, so they resort to adding nonsense to the title to get through the filter.


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Hi @patches,

That sounds like a reasonable idea to me. I went ahead and enabled the setting.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I'm quite interested in some examples.

If the topic title is exactly the same as some other topic, shouldn't it be possible for the user to search an answer in the topic with exactly the same title? And thus not needing to open a new topic in the first place?

Yes, but sometimes the previous topic doesn't have the answer, and after one month it's locked so you can't even ask there.

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Ah yes, the topics are locked indeed… True true :slight_smile:

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The topic that prompted this was actually a unique issue that would not have had a solution in an earlier thread:

A lot of the problems posted here require troubleshooting the individual case, and we usually prefer that people start a new topic for that rather than spamming someone's older troubleshooting thread. Plus @tdelmas makes a great point about many of these being locked.

Users will still see a "Your topic is similar to..." set of links when entering a topic title and have the chance to find a solution there or post in that thread if they desire. We just won't make them perform acrobatics with their title if they decide to open a new thread, which is often the right thing to do.


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