A simple way to help: marking topics "Solved"

Hi all! I recently noticed that any user can mark a topic as “solved,” not just the original poster. If you’d like to do a small thing to make the forum more efficient, you can do this when you see a topic has been solved. I would generally wait until you see the original poster in a topic reply saying the answers solved the problem for them, then pick what seems to be the most relevant answer. Click the “…” at the bottom of the post, then click the checkbox that appears.

Marking threads as solved can be helpful for a couple of reasons: It can help other forum members skip reading help threads that are already taken care of, and it can help people who show up on the forum looking for help to quickly know whether a given problem was solved, and what the solution was.

Marking all posts as solved is not critical, or even necessarily desirable, so please don’t go to great lengths trying to mark absolutely everything. :slight_smile: Have fun, and thanks as always for helping out!


Sadly, it seems only “special people” (like employees) get the “Solved” button:
I see only “like” “share” “flag” “bookmark” and “reply”

If incorrectly clicked labeled…
Can you also then (re)mark them as:
un-solved (unable to replicate solution without applying nuclear physics)
de-solved (solution created another problem)
re-solved (it broke with additional issues which now have been fixed)
nearly-solved (close but no cigar)
temporarily-solved (failed the test of time)



Ah, bummer. I tried checking the docs and it didn’t appear to mention limitations like that, but evidently so. I like your ideas for an expanded list of “solved” options :joy_cat:

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