Replying to topic again after just replying? "Wait 15 hours"?!


I just got this message after I want to reply to a topic where I have just replied to:

We have a daily limit on how many times that action can be taken. Please wait 15 hours before trying again.


Agree… rather annoying… Same for submitting of questions. The thresholds right now are way too high if they’re wanting to build up a good initial knowledgebase.


Good feedback, thanks! I’ve bumped the rate limit setting “max replies in first day” from 10 to 20, and “max topics in first day” from 3 to 5.

I think once you’ve been on the site for more than a day, you probably won’t run into rate limits so quickly, but hopefully these increases will help other newly signed up users contribute rapidly too.


Make a reminder to put those limits back after a week :wink: