Rate limit increase requesting

Hi, 2 weeks ago I filled rate limiting form, no answer still. I know Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt says it takes few weeks, just want to check if possibility to increase limits acutally still exists and forms been looked at.
We are hosting provider and frequently hit "300 New Orders per account per 3 hours" limit.

I don't have any reason to believe it doesn't exist any longer.

LE staff has said in the past the form submissions is looked at once a week. I don't know when the summer holidays are in the US, but I can imagine holidays will affect the response time regarding the form.

Have you seen the Integration Guide - Let's Encrypt documentation already?


Yes, we use account per server for now, and want to use one account for organization


One account for the organisation is indeed recommended :slight_smile: Perhaps the @lestaff can provide an update about the status of the rate limit excemption, so you can switch from multiple accounts to the single account.


Almost over a month now, still no answer.

Can't do much except wait for LE Staff to respond. What was the Organization Name used on the request? I'll alert them again but info to identify the request would be helpful.

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@lestaff Is there any update to status on this? It has been a month since requested and 17d since Osiris last asked for update. That is unusually long to not have a response.



We are a bit backed up on rate limits. They should be reviewed by the end of this week.


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