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As a hosting platform we issue hundreds certificates per day. Since ACMEv2 is the default server (14.07), we hit many times a day the changed "New orders" limit There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new order :: too many new orders recently.

For users of the ACME v2 API you can create a maximum of 300 New Orders per account per 3 hours.

We use only one account with certbot. We never had this rate limit before this changes.

Following Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt I filled the rate limit form but after submission there is no way to know submission status and answer delay. Can you give me some informations?

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Arnaud J.

It usually takes a few weeks to get a response.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

If you provide information that can help identify your request (email address, ACME account ID, domain names, etc) I could see what the current status of your request is.

Hello Daniel, here is ACME account ID: 31132628 used in request form.
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Thanks @ajaegers - I’ve asked about your application and will let you know when I hear back.

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Daniel, I received a confirmation that rate limit has been increased. Thanks for your help.
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Excellent! Glad to hear it. Thanks for reporting back.

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