Close Thread Feature

I think there should be a feature that the owner of the post could close it because there is a ton of posts that are solved that are just laying around.

There is already the possibility to mark an entry as solution. This is displayed right after the first post in the thread. Also the thread itself gets marked as solved.

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True, but it doesn’t close it. It’s all cluttered.

The most topics will close automatically one month after the last reply.

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Yeah, but they are resolved way before then.

What do you mean by that? Solved threads with a lot of extra posts, perhaps offtopic?

Because the “Solved” mark is there for a reason. It shouldn’t automatically close it, perhaps someone has valueable extra information which might even be better.
If a thread becomes offtopic, you can Flag those posts so a moderator can look at it. Perhaps split the thread or decide to close it.

Yeah, it’s all cluttered. The solved ones should be in a different section.

I still don’t really understand what you mean with “cluttered”. And why it’s a problem to have solved threads in the same section. The solved mark is quite clear enough I think. Could you elaborate?

Hi @Aidan,

You should propose this feature request in the Discourse Meta forum. We don’t have much ability to customize our specific discourse instance and would need upstream to add the feature.


Ok, thanks for telling me.

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