Minor: Discobot Malfunction on Images Tutorial

When you first sign up, Discobot sends you a greeting and starts a tutorial with you on how to use the forum.

During the image part of the tutorial, it won’t accept links as a valid reply (even though that’s one of the instruction options).

For example, pasting the following URL on the first line or any line of its own doesn’t result in “passing” the level:

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I personally believe that the Disco bot is asking for a image… not a gif… (Which maybe make sense if Disco bot check if the file is a common image extension.)

Just BTW:
Disco bot is developed by discourse (the software that powers this forum). If you have any questions about discobot, ask on meta.discourse.org would get a precise answer.

Thank you


Hi Steven,

Thanks! I'll report it to discourse.

BTW, it was discobot that suggested the gif. I did remove the quotes around it and the image embedded fine, but the "lesson" wouldn't pass, even after several attempts using the link.


I think perhaps we’ve set the “Trust level” required for embedding a link high enough that perhaps it interferes with the Discobot tutorial.

If you report the bug to Discourse would you mind sharing the link here? I’d be interested in following that to see if there’s something we should be changing in our Discourse settings to make this easier.

Maybe the bot expects you to upload an image from your own computer rather than linking to an image hosted elsewhere?

Sure! Here's the link https://meta.discourse.org/t/discobot-tutorial-bug-images-lesson-doesnt-work/97726

That might be part of the bug, though the instructions state:
"Try uploading that one next, or pasting the link in on a line by itself!" (emphasis mine)


Hi @FlexiThemes

checking my messages, found that:

Can you reply with a picture? Any picture will do! Drag and drop, press the upload button, or even copy and paste it in.

So a link isn't enough.

No... Any images uploaded would be converted to a link... So there's no much difference... The thing is he need also click the like button.

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