Dark Mode Appreciated

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I can't help but notice that this forum is strikingly similar to one for OpenWRT router firmware. Did the dark mode ever make it upstream, or did it come from the parent project?

I will add that I personally would prefer something that feels like a 1:1 equivalent to light mode (editing box doesn't appear to reach all the way in dark mode, background feels like it has depth to light mode's sterile interface, transparencies through to the background are a bit distracting). It would make the transition a little easier.

Discourse supports it. But it's not another theme, they'd have to clone the standard theme and apply the dark color set.


Strange: on one of my computers, the highlight when hovering over the like button has distinct rectangles for the heart and counter, on another, they line up.

pretty strange, it's a single selector for me: button.widget-button.btn-flat.button-count.like-count.highlight-action.my-likes.btn-icon-text and inside there's just the number and an svg element for the icon.

I observed both happenings on the same machine now. This time around, the goofy highlight had at least one like and was marked as the solution.

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