Use less effects & gimmicks


The forum here seems to have a lot of effects turned on.

When i open a post, the background is lightblue and then fades to white. This is quite distracting, when i want to read the post. Further there are gimmicks enabled like “Achievement: First post liked”, which are nice to play with but rather annoying for using a forum, where you expect a small (1) at the top to represent 1 new reply instead of some silly achievements.

I guess this can be configured, can’t it?

Btw. Just while writing the forum tries to suggest similiar topics in a big fat blue bubble and hidden behind a big yellow bubble thanking me to start new conversation. I think this could be reduced to an absolute minimum.


BTW, no need to mention the category in the thread title. There are… categories for this.

Achievement unlocked: correcting people.


yeah, the features here are real nice. But the flashing effects are a bit much. Do not really want to turn off all js, though.


Yeah and very rude and inappropriate to capture client control keys such as Ctrl-F to force your own search.