Forum Usage notes -- cancel [x] for help


Just a thought.

The forum people are the best.

The forum might need some touch-ups.

on the Brave Browser [at least] you can not get rid of the help on the right to see your new topic preview.



I think you could use esc to dismiss that.

Thank you

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Hi @LEForTheWin,

We use Discourse for our forum software. If there is a bug with Brave Browser it would be up to Discourse to fix it.

Would you be willing to start a thread on the Discourse “meta” forum to report the bug to the maintainers? That’s probably the best way to get it fixed/triaged.




Let me schlep though my LE stuff first.

But I’d be happy to help.

Note: esc did not work.


Just another note (if it helps).

I was not shown site-feedback as a topic choice when making this. I only saw Help or Server to choose from.

That might be intentional.

But, just saying.


With Firefox and chrome you can:

Both the ESC keyboard key and a click on the x works.


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