Question about the 'Rate Limit Adjustment Form'



I made a request through the ‘Rate Limit Adjustment Form.’

Do you respond separately to the request, regardless of whether it is approved or rejected?
How long does it usually take to reply?

Additional questions
If rejected,
Can I be approved if I become a sponsor or a donor?


Hi @hyochang,

We do not have the resources to reply to all requests. In particular requests that do not provide all of the required information (especially ACME account ID and domain names) are often dismissed without a reply because of the sheer volume of requests.

This varies but I believe ~2 weeks is the general ballpark.

Sponsorship doesn’t factor into rate limit adjustments.

@hyochang Can you provide more information that can be used to identify your request? What contact email was provided? What domains does the adjustment pertain to?



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