Rate Limit Increase request follow up

We have filled out the Rate limit increase request multiple times and have not heard back. We are switching over 1000’s of certs and it needs to be done in a timely manner. Is there a way we can get this approved?
Thank you in advance,

How long ago did you fill it out? As I understand it, there’s literally one person handling these requests, so it can take a few weeks for them to get processed.

That is my understanding as well, but the last time was about a month ago, if not longer.

Hi @ymit,

You’ll have to provide more information that can be used to identify the request. What email was it sent from? What accounts/domains did the adjustment request cover?

The requests came from at least 2 different yourmembership.com email addresses.

What accounts/domains did the adjustment request cover?

We are a SaaS provider and we host a lot of domains.

I’m confused - why did you need a rate limit increase? You can cover up to 2000 subdomains on the same base domain per week, but if you change base domain you get another 2000. What rate limits are you hitting?

They are not subdomains they are customer domains. We are a SaaS provider and host client domains.

Exactly, so why do you need a rate limit increase? If they’re not the same base domain, there’s not really any rate limit I could feasibly see you hitting. You could issue certificates for hundreds of thousands of domains.

@ymit The reason you didn’t receive a response was that your application was incomplete. You did not provide an ACME account ID. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to follow-up on individual applications that do not contain all of the information required to process them.

As @jared.m points out (Thanks!) it sounds like you may not require a rate limit adjustment at all. Can you elaborate on the specific rate limit(s) you are hitting or are worried about hitting?

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