No response to Rate Limit Adjustment Request


We are implementing LetsEncrypt in our infrastructure and for now everything goes well, thanks! There is only one issue: we sent a Rate Limit Adjustment Request about three months ago, but we haven’t received an answer so far. The request was submitted by my colleague William Forsyth, who is registered in this forum as @liftedkilt.
About one month ago he asked about the status of our request in this forum, but he didn’t get an answer neither.

We don’t know what to do now - should we submit a new request, because the original one was discarded for some reason, or we have to assume that LetsEncrypt denies us increasing the rate limit?

Any feedback would be welcome to help us move forward.


The request was passed over because it was not filled out correctly. Specifically, it does not contain an ACME account ID, without which we cannot make the adjustment you asked for.

See recommendation to use a single ACME account here:

See information about how to find your ACME account ID here:


Thank you very much for the prompt answer! I’ll share this information with my colleagues and we will see how to proceed further.

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