Not getting response to Rate Limit Adjustment Request

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a young service provider organization, a vivid supported of the web security idea and the LetsEncrypt service.
We have filled a Rate Limit Adjustment Request form about two months ago and we haven’t received any response.
Is there any way to expedite the handling of the request, or, at least, to provide visibility to when a response is expected.

Thank you very much in advance,

I just looked up your request, it was initially passed over because you did not say how many certificates you needed, so we wouldn’t know what to adjust the limit to.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to reach out and ask for clarification on all incomplete requests. I recommend filling out the form again, make sure to say how many certificates per domain per week you need.

Happy to hear you’re going to protect your customers with TLS!

Thank You, I will refill the request ASAP.

I have re-filed the request. Will be happy for handling and, as I am going to protect customer with excellent TLS, I will be help to get involved and help you out with the resources. Seriously.

@josh - In the same position as the OP - would you be able to take a look at the status of our request? Thanks!

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