Two weeks pass, but the rate-limit improvment request has never be responded

As we have more than 5000 subdomains need to use letsencrypt ssl certificate, and more than 300 subdomain pending to certificated at any given time, we put a rate-limit improvment request on, but after two weeks, it never responds.

That’s probably because Let’s Encrypt is a not-for-profit organisation with limited staff which is issuing certificates for free, mostly because of automation of the issuing.

Requiring a manual input from a human staff member can take a while I guess.

@tuhaolam Reading the form your post references, I see a very important paragraph about this.

As @Osiris said, it is volunteers, so they do what they can when they can. The more time responding to requests for updates on other requests is less time spent doing real work, including processing the original request. If/when approved, you will be notified. If they need more input from you, they will contact you.

As I understand it, this is a new system, and they probably are evaluating its effectiveness. They very well may be selecting cases that will best test their implementation first so they can offer a stable system, and process, for others. As automation is a key component of their operational model, they will surely want to automate this process as well, and some use cases will better fit that development than others.

Since they "cannot guarantee acceptance," if you need an operational system now, you might consider using paid certificates until they do grant your rate limit adjustment request.

Thanks a lot. @Osiris

Get it. I will wait for longer time. Thank u so much @gypsypriest

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