No reply on "rate limit form"

Hello Let’s Encrypt support,

our company ran into the rate limit as we are hosting quite a lot of our customer’s websites as different subdomains of our own domain (

Since quite a while we can’t use Let’s Encrypt for any new registrations and therefor requested a higher rate limit at: but didn’t get any reply for several weeks now.

Can you please tell us, if our reply was received, rejected, …?

Thanks in advance!

Serhat Saman

Hi @imi-ssaman

checking this;include_subdomains:false;

that doesn't look good. You are generating the same certificate daily.

Why don't you use one certificate 60 days and then create a new?

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Hi Serhat!

We received your rate limit adjustment today and your adjustment should be live next week. Your previous adjustment request on July 10 was for 10 certificates/registered domain/week (our default is 20); since you put in the new request I see that it may have been a typo.

Thanks for using Let’s Encrypt certificates!



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