Rate limit increase follow up

Hi all

About a week ago I filled in the rate limit increase request form for my domain as I’m hoping to issue certificates for customer apps hosted on subdomains, and we’re hoping to have a lot of customers.
I totally understand that the rate limit form is a new setup and so won’t be as polished as the rest of the letsencrypt experience but I was wondering if there was any way to get feedback, or indeed even just to know that nothing went wrong with the submission and that it’s being considered.


I just went through the queue and approved about half of the requests. I don’t know if yours was one of them.

If your request was approved you’ll receive email when the change is deployed within the next week. If you’d like any more info you’ll have to tell me how to identify your request.

Hi Josh

That’s great news, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The domain I’m after the increase on is drie.co, if that was in there you’ll have made my week.


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