Increase Rate limit

Hi there,
I requested a Rate Limit Adjustment for domain using a google form, but I have not been contacted yet.
I am not sure if that has been applied or not.

I submit two forms. Unfortunately I can not remember exact dates. The first one was before December 17
I really appreciate it if you can help me.


The LetsEncrypt staff are dealing with a major issue this week. I doubt they have time to check your status or work on any Rate Limit Adjustments right now. If you don't hear from them this week, don't be surprised -- just bump this post to the top next week and you should get a response.

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Thank you.
I was able to talk to Jenessa Petersen.
And she gave me an answer for my question.
This topic can be closed now.


Yes, we should be good to go!

There were many malformed requests in the last month that I still need to email, I will hopefully be working on that tomorrow. All rate limits requested that I can change have been changed and emailed through the end of last week.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be putting another rate limit adjustment through for requests from 1/18 to today.

Thanks y'all!


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