Need to have our rate limit increased

We are in the process of launching a cloud based platform as a service offering.
Our customers can create one or more platforms and we want to give them the ability to automatically have a domain and certificate for each platform.
The domain is handled via Cloudflare as a subdomain (that they can create) against one of our Top Level Domains and this all works very well.
However the rate of 20 per week is becoming a major factor and I was wondering how do I get this increased to say 200 per week.
I know that I could have a wildcard certificate for the TLD but we have concerns that if one customer managed to get their certificate blacklisted then the whole TLD is blacklisted affecting all of our other customers.

Help with this would be much appreciated

Hi @ianbr,

Happy to hear you’re integrating with Let’s Encrypt :slight_smile: :lock::chart_with_upwards_trend:

You can request a rate limit adjustment with this form:

Please make sure you complete it fully. The volume of submissions means we can’t always follow-up if there is missing information that precludes completing the adjustment.

cc @jple


Hi thanks so much for your reply and the link to the form.
I have a question though, while I can fill out almost everything on the form, I am having difficulty locating my account id.
I am using the client (one of the ones posted on the Letsencrypt website) and the only url I can find is in an http.header file.
The url looks like this: {followed by a hexadecimal string}

This doesn’t look like the one in the documentation which is digit based.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @ianbr,

You should find your account id inside ~/ and in this file you will see the id: "id": 00000000

Keep in mind that you will need the account for endpoint but maybe you will need the one for too just in case you want to use it instead or both of them.


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Hi Sahsanu,


That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you so much


Ian Bramford


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