Certbot 1.13.0 Release

We just released Certbot 1.13.0. The changelog entry for the release is:


  • CLI flags --os-packages-only, --no-self-upgrade, --no-bootstrap and --no-permissions-check,
    which are related to certbot-auto, are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • Certbot no longer conditionally depends on an external mock module. Certbot's
    test API will continue to use it if it is available for backwards
    compatibility, however, this behavior has been deprecated and will be removed
    in a future release.
  • The acme library no longer depends on the security extras from requests
    which was needed to support SNI in TLS requests when using old versions of
    Python 2.
  • Certbot and all of its components no longer depend on the library six.
  • The update of certbot-auto itself is now disabled on all RHEL-like systems.
  • When revoking a certificate by --cert-name, it is no longer necessary to specify the --server
    if the certificate was obtained from a non-default ACME server.
  • The nginx authenticator now configures all matching HTTP and HTTPS vhosts for the HTTP-01
    challenge. It is now compatible with external HTTPS redirection by a CDN or load balancer.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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