Certbot 1.9.0 Release

We just released Certbot 1.9.0. The changelog entry for the release is:


  • --preconfigured-renewal flag, for packager use only.
    See the packaging guide.


  • certbot-auto was deprecated on all systems except for those based on Debian or RHEL.
  • Update the packaging instructions to promote usage of python -m pytest to test Certbot
    instead of the deprecated python setup.py test setuptools approach.
  • Reduced CLI logging when reloading nginx, if it is not running.
  • Reduced CLI logging when handling some kinds of errors.


  • Fixed server_name case-sensitivity in the nginx plugin.
  • The minimum version of the acme library required by Certbot was corrected.
    In the previous release, Certbot said it required acme>=1.6.0 when it
    actually required acme>=1.8.0 to properly support removing contact
    information from an ACME account.
  • Upgraded the version of httplib2 used in our snaps and Docker images to add
    support for proxy environment variables and fix the plugin for Google Cloud

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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