Certbot 0.20.0 Release

Certbot 0.20.0 has just been uploaded to PyPI. The changelog for this release is:


  • Certbot’s ACME library now recognizes URL fields in challenge objects in preparation for Let’s Encrypt’s new ACME endpoint. The value is still accessible in our ACME library through the name “uri”.


  • The Apache plugin now parses some distro specific Apache configuration files on non-Debian systems allowing it to get a clearer picture on the running Apache configuration.
  • Certbot better reports network failures by removing information about connection retries from the error output.
  • An unnecessary question when using Certbot’s webroot plugin interactively has been removed.


  • Certbot’s NGINX plugin no longer sometimes incorrectly reports that it was unable to deploy a HTTP->HTTPS redirect when requesting Certbot to enable a redirect for multiple domains.
  • An issue running the test shipped with Certbot and some our DNS plugins with older versions of mock have been resolved.
  • On some systems, users reported strangely interleaved output depending on when stdout and stderr were flushed. This problem was resolved by having Certbot regularly flush these streams.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo:


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