Appear that error: cURL error 77 [PLESK]

Appear that error
Error: Could not get Mozilla tls config: cURL error 77: (see libcurl - Error Codes)

Could not issue an SSL/TLS certificate for

Could not issue a Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for

Failed to connect to the Let's Encrypt server

Please try again later or report the issue to support.

Please reply how to resolved that issue

whats your os? looks corrupted: can't read trusted CA list


Problem with reading the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


Plesk panel

Same here. Plesk error environment. cURL error 77. Same errors with cert paths.

Its plesk fault? Any solution?

Just found this an about to try:

Plesk domains and various actions like updating WordPress plugins do not work under CentOS 7: cURL error 77 – Plesk


Worked. I just restarted Plesk :slight_smile:

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ok waiting

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