Already 2 weeks. How long does it take to have the SSL certificate?

Dear all,

Can you please let me know, how long does it take, to have the SSL certificate for a website? We already apply for it and got the attached message.

Our domain is dreamhost and we got the above message two weeks ago.

Our URL is

Thank you in advance.


You say your URL is but the screenshot shows you asking for a certificate for the name which is different (lacks the www). To secure a site the certificate must be issued for the exact name of the site, not a different name. [ The certificate for plain was indeed issued on 8 February 2018 ]

You may also need to contact Dreamhost support (rather than Let’s Encrypt) if you run into problems using their control panel, since obviously Let’s Encrypt does not provide the Dreamhost hosting service you pay for.

Indeed seems the certificate covers both domains :wink:

echo | openssl s_client -connect -servername 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -text | grep -Ei '(Before:|DNS:)' | sed "s/^[ \t]*//"

Not Before: Feb  8 11:39:07 2018 GMT,

Thank you for your reply Sahsanu!

Do I need to take any action or just wait? Do you know, how long does it take to get the certificate?



Thanks Tialaramex.



Getting a certificate from Let's Encrypt only takes a couple of minutes and you already have one from 8th February that is covering your domains and and your site is already using it so you are done.

If you still receive that message on your Control Panel then you should talk to Dreamhost to know what is happening but as I said, your site is using the right cert.

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Thank you Sahsanu!!

I will check with dreamhost.



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