Issued SSL from cpanel took too long...not installed


Can you guys explain me what make issue SSL Let’s Encrypt take so long (even not succes installed) in a hosting… we got server …but only in one server take so long , what is the main cause of this?

domain is already pointed to hosting and there is no resource overload.


That’s hard to say without more details, such as log files and more information about your environment and how you’re requesting the certificate. If you were using AutoSSL, this might be a good place to get started.

Part of the process is validating the domain ownership by (typically) sending a HTTP request to the domain, requesting a file under /.well-known/acme-challenge and verifying that the response is as expected. If that domain is currently not available or causes a timeout, that might explain the issue you’re having. The validation request is sent from a Let’s Encrypt server, so the website needs to be publicly accessible.

It’s also possible that there was some kind of outage or maintenance window when you requested the certificate; these happen from time to time and are announced at In any case, if you haven’t tried again since you ran into that error, that might be worth doing.


thanks that a good explanation, can a .htaccess configuration in some hosting/domain make problem with the issue of ssl let encrypt in cpanel? because the domain is accesible and it give ping… already poiting to hosting, unfortunately i dont have acces to root LOG, but i am not sure the fault is in server hosting side, client website configuration or lets encrypt server…i think lets encrypt server status is up so i would discard this one. note: there is no error , just take so long …loading 2-3 min …and finnaly i need to close the browser…and ssl is not installed when i check it again in the lets encrypt cpanel menu…


Certain .htaccess files could definitely cause something like this, for example if they redirect requests in some way, though I don’t know enough about how cPanel’s Let’s Encrypt implementation works to say for sure. Adding an exception for any rules for requests to /.well-known/acme-challenge/* might be worth a try.

Another test you could run would be to create a file called “test” with some random content in your webroot (the directory you put files in for them to be served for the domain that’s failing), specifically under /.well-known/acme-challenge/ and see if you can open that file via


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