Error re-installing ssl certificate on domain

Hi, I have bought Let’s Encrypt and installed it to my server, I’ve installed 1 SSL to one of my domains with no issues at all. However I have come to install one on another domain and I get the attached message. Please help, thanks in advance, Ben

Can you provide a little more information please.

Is this in cpanel ? or what system are you using that gives the above error ?

Sorry yeah this is in cPanel Linux server

and a bit more info … ?

are you using the build in cpanel plugin ? have you generated the cert through a different script and pasting it into the GUI ? what commands are you using ? it’s difficult to give an answer with very little info to go on :wink: this isn’t a Let’s Encyrpt error - it’s a cpanel one, so the more background info you can provide, the better.

My first guess is you haven’t included in the CA cert.

I’m using the plugin, last one i just clicked install and it completed… Screen shots attached

Ahh, OK, that explains the “bought” in your first comment, which confused me as Let’s Encrypt is free.

I’d suggest using cpanels own system ( in AutoSSL ) which is a free part of cpanel. For the “paid for plugin” you have bought, perhaps someone else here has used it and can provide some advice, I’d suggest going to the developer of the package you bought and asking them, as that’s probably the quickest (or get your money back, and use the free one which works perfectly ).

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