Renewal, reinstall, install issues



We use let’s encrypt cpanel plugin, and from yesterday, this is second account with issue related to let’s encrypt plugin, renewal or install/re-install impossible…

I have various issue with plugin let’s encrypt :
ex : user nowisinf : His SSL did not want to renew, i remove and reinstalled it : folder .well-known is well created it and owned by user
cpanel plugin says for this domain can’t install, but in fact it is installed with new date :

I confirm issue happen on other accounts too. I checked other server, exact same issue… we can’t reinstall, we can remove only, but can not install, it will show wrong status, but however ssl is there

i removed ssl, and tried reinstall it :

There was a problem processing your request
Error issuing certificate
Installing ssl certificate
The certificate could not be installed on the domain “”. unknown error

SSL is installed, but plugin losed his mind, and says ‘Not installed’

Here, nothing unoperational :

I performed :
service letsencrypt-cpanel status && service letsencrypt-cpanel restart
still nothing

I checked other server, exact same issue… we can’t reinstall, we can remove only, but can not install, it will show wrong status, but however ssl is there

Main issue is at renewal it seems also, client will get warnings by emails…
Now look at what sent server to client for renewal notifications these last 48 hours

1 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
2 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
3 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
4 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
5 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
6 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
7 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
8 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
9 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
10 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
11 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] SUCCESS
12 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] SUCCESS
13 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
14 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] FAILURE
15 [Let’s Encrypt SSL] SUCCESS



Can I just check which client you are using ? (I know you said letsencrypt cpanel plugin, but there are at least two). The paid for client - - or the free, official plugin for cpanel ?

If it’s the paid for client (which is not developed or handled by Let’s Encrypt here) then I’d suggest you may be best asking at their support desk. Maybe your license has expired or something ? I’m not sure if many of the users of this forum use that client ( I don’t - I do use the official plugin from cpanel that works with AutoSSL though )


We use :slight_smile:

because client can control manually the SSL from his cpanel, unlike the cpanel one which is out of control from cpanel users which costs of support tickets in case


I think you are probably best contacting them for support then.

My system has updated a number of certs today without issue - so I’m assuming that the Let’s Encrypt ACME server is working fine, and the problem is related to that specific client. As it’s not an open source client, I can’t even look at the source, or download a copy to test and try and help you out I’m afraid.

Hopefully there may be someone else on this forum which uses that client and has some ideas / info.


their support is already working on the issue, which interact with last update cpanel it seems…

Thanks for being here if was needed !


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