Cannot Issue SSL

Hello Everyone, Can you help me?
I get error on i issue SSL

" There was a problem processing your request "

Error issuing certificate
Installing ssl certificate
The certificate could not be installed on the domain “my”. Certificate verification failed!CERT_NOT_YET_VALID

Sure, if you give us a lot more information perhaps..

As I have broken my crystal ball recently, you might want to provide us that information, such as:

  • What software are you running (Linux? Windows? Mac stuff?)
  • What software did you use to try to get a certificate?
  • How did you run this software? Which CLI command did you use, if applicable?

Et cetera, et cetera...

Oh yes, sorry

I use Linux centos cPanel
Error in Let’s Encrypt app

Which “Let’s Encrypt app” for cPanel do you use? The paid plugin or AutoSSL?

Do you have root access to your server or is it shared hosting?

I use Let’s Encrypt Trial (Auto SSL)

Do you have root access ( i.e. can you access WHM ? ). If so, please provide the log, within the “manage autossl” section, which should provide us the details we need.

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