AutoSSL certificate expiry before time


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The “LetsEncrypt” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate without a reduction of coverage.

It is sending me mails daily of certification expiration before the time and showing error.
What should I do.



You need to contact your hosting provider to resolve this issue.
Since that email is coming from AutoSSL (a cPanel Plugin that offer certificate free of charge), and it mainly suggest a domain (subdomain) is having trouble…

Thank you


yes, you are right i am facing the same problem. I contacted them earlier they reffered me to this site saying this is auto ssl error as this is 3rd party company we cannot rectify it ,original company could fix it. what to do next ?


The meaning of the error is that one of the domains covered by your certificate is no longer configured properly or is no longer under your control. Is it possible that you had a domain expire or something similar?


The easist way to resolve it is by logging in to your cPanel (from your hosting provider), then click on SSL status, check the errors it showed you, and correct them… :slight_smile:


i opened namecheap cpanel in SSL certificate section, it could not show anything except ssl is active ,HTTPS Redirect, and expiry date for certificate.



That’s wierd…
NameCheap doesn’t provide autossl in cPanel b/c they sell certificates…

Is the email coming from namecheap’s cPanel? (or some other hosting provider?)

Thank you


its not named Auto SSL ,but its named Namecheap SSL and yes email is coming from namecheap’s cpanel account.


That’s the most confusing point… (Since I’m a NameCheap hosting customer too)…and I can guarantee you that almost all cPanel server in NameCheap doesn’t have autossl feature enabled, hence there is no Let’s Encrypt Provider…

Can you share us the email so we could know whats going on? (either privately or publically) (Please remove personal information…)

Thank you


this is the mail which i receive


remaing part


kindly check out these upper mention screenshots .



Can you try to login to cPanel (from NameCheap) and going to /frontend/paper_lantern/security/tls_status/ (this link?) (After logging in, add the above url right after cpsessxxxxxxxxxx)

If that doesn’t show the plugin (an interface like this), then there’s nothing we can do… (You must contact Namecheap cPanel Support)

Thank you


yes, its showing

what to do next ?


I actually have no idea, it seems that you have minimum control to this interface…

Can you check if the mentioned domains (hostnames) was in the list? (and have a grey box showing some error messages?)

Thank you


what should i do ,i install ssl on all subdomains ? or left it .


I think you migrated your site to Namecheap recently.

@thehammadone your domain used to be hosted on another cPanel server (, which still has your Let’s Encrypt certificate available on it.

What’s happening is that AutoSSL is still running on, because it hasn’t realized that your site is now hosted with Namecheap.

What you should do is just make sure your account is removed from your old hosting, and you will stop receiving those AutoSSL warning emails.

@stevenzhu is right that Namecheap does not enable AutoSSL on their servers, and this explanation is consistent with the information you’ve provided.


yes , i have previously hosted this domain with other hosting provider and still running that old hosting account though i moved the domain to new name servers.


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