Ssl certificate on namecheap

Hey guys. As some of you know, namecheap “forces” you tu buy ssl certificates and does not allow to use letsencrypt easily.

I have found a guide telling how to install a certificate through cpanel. This is the guide:

Until now, it works.

The problem is that certificate expires after 90 days.
In the video they explain that it is automatically renewed through Cron Job, but as I read from many comments…. It seems it does not renew automatically.

Does anyone have any solution?

Merry Xmas to all

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Save yourself a lot of time and effort:

No, it doesn't autorenew, but with taking under 30 seconds from your phone's browser to acquire or renew your certificate, that's not a big concern.


Ok…. So there is no way to make a certificate for namecheap which is always automatically renewed without it needs me to do something?

There may be a way depending upon your access level in your hosting and your technical ability (and your level of patience with the implementation). I was merely offering a solution I authored that fits well with your setup. Most people who use CertSage, myself included, don't mind spending 30s renewing their cert from their phone while waiting for their coffee. You don't even need to login to your cPanel to do it.


The problem is that I have 15 domains.

And it becomes difficult do it for each one. Also paying a annual fee is not good.

I have a good knowledge of wordpress. Maybe there is a plugin for it?!

I am not good in programming, but if it something to do copy/paste and changing something in the cpanel I am able to do it.

Please let me know if there is a way to do something one time only…. And then it comes 100% automatic.

Thank you so much I really appreciate

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